T-Rex Off Road/Class 1 Motorsports Kawasaki Shift Handle

T-Rex Off Road/Class 1 Motorsports Kawasaki Shift Handle

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This custom Class 1 Motorsports shifter is one of our favorite upgrades for the KRX 1000. We put them in all of our cars we have built, so we partnered with T-Rex Off Road for our own custom Class 1 design. 

The T-Rex Off Road shifter for the KRX & KRX4 1000 gives a more aggressive look to the interior plus added comfort and function to gear selection.

  • Direct replacement, no modifications required
  • Smooth and comfortable; no sharp edges or corners
  • Feels like a quick shift due to the short handle
  • Stable temperature – does not transfer hot/cold temps to your hand
  • Includes stainless steel hex bolt (4mm hex wrench needed)
  • Fits all years of the KRX / KRX4 platform
  • USPS shipping with tracking (Canada shipping available by request)

INSTALL TIP: When removing the original shift handle the bolt can be very tight and try to strip. CAREFULLY and AT YOUR OWN RISK use a soldering iron or wood engraver to make contact with the bolt to warm up the thread locker. When installing the new shifter, please do not overtighten the bolt.